Residential Trash Pickup

Oyster Shell Recycling…Who Is In The Lead?

A few weeks ago we told you how excited we are to participate in the Oyster Shell Recycling Program.  We have been tallying the results and the top three restaurants have been doing a great job!  Arnold’s in Eastham, MA is leading the pack but there are plenty of shucking days left! If your favorite…

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Massachusetts Oyster Project, Restaurant Shell Recycling

At M.A. Frazier, we are proud to be participating in the Oyster Shell Recycling efforts that have been gaining momentum throughout the state.  Here are some facts about oysters: A single oyster shell can filter 30 gallons of water per day An oyster reef can shelter up to 100 other species such as shrimp and…

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Residential Rubbish Service – We Will Be There

We know you want to spend your summer exploring the beach or checking out a new golf course. Maybe you prefer the flea market or an art gallery?  We are certain that with all there is to do on The Cape, visiting the transfer station is probably not in your top ten.  It most likely…

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