Seasonal Trash and Rubbish Pickup


Seasonal trash services have become a valued product for all second home owners, rental property owners, and seasonal cottage colonies and condominiums.

Without a reliable company like M.A. Frazier that you can count on to remove your waste and recycling material, you simply won’t have the peace of mind that services are being performed while you are several states away and your home is occupied by tenants.

At M.A. Frazier we pride ourselves on timely and efficient service, friendly and courteous staff, and late model energy efficient equipment that is radio dispatched.

We will remove the trash from your trash barrels or we will provide you with a rodent proof 95 gallon trash toter on wheels which has become a standard in our industry. Standard store bought trash cans are either 30 or 45 gallon capacity. Our rates are based on 3 small cans, two large cans, or our 95 gallon toter.

Extra trash is never a problem. Simply leave it next to your usual containers and we will remove it for an additional fee.

While hundreds of accounts come on board each and every spring and summer, our routes are ever changing. Our standard practice is to ask you to have your trash out and available for pick up no later than 6:00 a.m., or simply place it out the night before.

Need a reminder card to post in the rental property? Just give us the word. We will provide you with a bright refrigerator friendly reminder card that mentions our services, dates of pick up, and our phone number should your guests have any questions.